WS-SCI 2000W 48V Power Controller With Inverter

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WS-SCI 2000W 48V Power Controller With Inverter

Product Description

Wuhan Wellsee New Energy Industry Co., Ltd. Focuses on the research, developments and productions of PV products. Wellsee Solar Inverter with built-in controller WS-SCI series products integrate controller function with inverter function in one design, and can match battery case. It fits for photovoltaic power generation system, and can be used as the portable emergency power.

1) Off-grid solar power system;
2) Solar-Mains hybrid intelligent power system (can be divided into Mains supply first and DC supply first.

1) Solar intelligent control charge function;
2) Inverter function, wide DC voltage to pure sine wave AC voltage;
3) Stable output voltage function, and ensure the accurate pure sine wave voltage;
4) Mains AC Charge function, Solar-Mains hybrid function, make sure the continuous output.

1) Integrated design of controller and inverter, Portable, beautiful, complete functions, economic and practical. Simple installation, the user only need to connect solar panels and batteries to make a solar power system;
2) CPU management, intelligent control, module-composition
3) LED and LCD display, visually display various parameters
4) Multi-functional equipment that customers no need to purchase controller, charger and voltage regulator.
5) Battery outlaid, can be expanded reserve time. Customers can use the right number of batteries according to local sunshine
6) Resistance to load ability and Take load ability are strong. It can handle all loads. In addition to various resistive loads, it also can handle various sensitive loads, such as motor, air conditioner, electric drills, electric fluorescent lamp, gas lamp, etc;
7) Perfect protection functions: Low voltage protection, high voltage protection, high temperature protection, short circuit protection, overload protection, etc
8) Intelligent three phases charging managements prolong battery life;
9) Pure sine wave power frequency circuit design, stable performance, low failure rate, long lifetime, easy maintenance, general lifetime can reach more than five years.

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